Neptune Gallery is located in Tokyo, Nihonbashi-honcho, Japan. In 2018, it was founded by Taiwanese artist Mr. Minyao Hu, who is graduated from the Tokyo University of the Arts with a major in the engraving course. The Neptune Gallery aims to be a communication space for young contemporary artists and collaborate with them to organize international individual or joint exhibitions; also discover and recommend artists who express their art in multiple forms to the public. We use Tokyo as our main business location, also connect to the Taiwanese art market. Local operation, global vision.


 In 2018, Mr. Minyao Hu collaborated with co-working Space “ONE WORKS” to build-up brand value with a new business thinking. In 2018 winter, we set up "Neptune Gallery Taipei" at the "S7 Art Gallery" gallery building in Beitou District, Taipei, Taiwan, to bring international artists together and lead them to get into Taiwan, also collaborate with them to organize themed contemporary art exhibitions. Neptune Gallery Taipei is a venue for the exchanges of artistic and cultural, academics and creations. It connecting the global art market with a view to creating a new landscape of contemporary art galleries.


 Looking at various international metropolises, they all have their own art districts: New York, Quebec, Soho, Paris, District 6, London Mayfair, Shanghai M50, Beijing 798, Hong Kong Sheung Wan Art District... and many more. There are many art galleries in these areas, and there are all kinds of professional art galleries and designer studios. Every year, they attract many international collectors and art lovers, that can create a unique cultural phenomenon of the art special zone.


 However, in our capital, Taipei, there is still no building dedicated to contemporary art. Some people may mention Huashan Wenchuang Park or Songyan Wenchuang Park, but they are far from the above-mentioned conception, and the business model is different, making it difficult for art galleries to enter. As for the Ouchi Art District, the locations of the various art galleries are slightly scattered and not convergent. In view of this, we have established the S7 Art Museum, a brand new gallery cluster building, emphasizing: exquisite, professional and innovative. Adhering to the clustering effect, it is expected to inject fresh water into North Taiwan and open up a new contemporary art scene.


 Neptune is a sea god in Roman mythology that dominates the sea and rules one-third of the universe. The meaning of the brand takes its influential on the universe and the unpredictable of the ocean, shaping the possibilities of artistic expression in any space. We adhere to the spirit of exploring the universe; discover talents and potential artists; continue to organize contemporary art exhibitions and link up international cultural and artistic exchanges.


 The operation project includes: planning exhibitions of plane paintings, sculptures, and works of artists created by other materials // Gallery space rental service - providing venues for artists to hold exhibitions // Art sales and rental services // Art restoration cases (for various cooperation cases, please feel free to contact us)

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